Monday, May 24, 2010

Google TV vs Apple TV

If you missed it, Google announced Google TV last week and just like Apple fanboys do, Google (with their MEDIA fanboys) jumped all over it, stating that Google has just changed the face of television. Even others got in on the excitement.

Except one thing.

I didn't realize that Google had already delivered Google TV. At this stage, it's still an empty promise. What have they actually executed? Sony's TVs don't come until the fall and that means, they have a good quarter to really screw it up. Logitech makes great consumer devices - but they are "gadget" devices.

As someone who has run the gamut from WebTV, Tivo, Media Centre, and AppleTV - as well as the simple PC hookup, all Google has managed to do is bring a bunch of people on at stage (I think MS did that too at one point). A larger issue is control for the networks. Google's recent strategy has been to make things free and then get paid from the ads or enterprise. That won't fly with TV or the networks. So Google will effectively make Google Search a more global torrent filter.

Apple was trying recently to provide some form of subscription plan for individual channels on AppleTV. This would work for all involved as Apple does have a track record on getting users to PAY for content. DVRs will go the way of the dodo - BOTH Google and Apple see that. When I can get everything I want (and have purchased) online with a fast connection, a DVR is immaterial.

Yes, Cupertino has treated AppleTV as a hobby (self-admitted) but all Google has done is said "we're getting in there". The opportunity is still there for Apple to do the right thing.

I love Google for a lot of stuff - but this is an area that has been tried before and all they really announced was a search box and a subscription service (via RSS or some other mechanism).

If RSS content was better, I could get news video properly via the Apple TV. Google's announcement wasn't that big - it simply drew attention to an area that has always craved attention and never delivers on its promise.

As Tom Foremski said in the comments, content is what controls the TV experience. With Google TV, the delivery mechanism is simply being broadened.

If news networks delivered their shows streaming semi-live via podcast (a la stitcher but video), then the RSS functionality found in the Apple TV could suffice, provided the UI to it could be improved.

One issue that Google did NOT answer with Google TV is how they will deal with all of the international issues related to TV. Here in Canada, we have a major problem with Apple TV content because of the CRTC and its laws. The same situation occurs everywhere around the world. Google will have to :

a) follow these same rules and regulations and be left with the same content as Apple TV, MS and others

b) change the way business is done (we saw how well that worked with Nexus)

c) become a huge Torrent and illegal downloading haven, which likely won't be allowed on Google TV

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Friday, May 14, 2010

FoxShow Podcast: Integrating FoxPro and Silverlight

This might be of interest to FoxPro developers and clients who still have legacy FoxPro applications.
There's a FoxShow interview with Uwe Habermann about his work integrating FoxPro with Silverlight. This is a preview of his upcoming Southwest Fox session. You can download it directly or subscribe in iTunes.

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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Science & Technology � Blog Archive � Icelandic Chefs Use Fresh Hot Lava to Sear Bj�rk Chops

Science & Technology � Blog Archive � Icelandic Chefs Use Fresh Hot Lava to Sear Bj�rk Chops

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

How to end a 1428 year old business

Who knew? Speculative real-estate purchases and demand. My bet is more on the first.

Boing Boing: World's oldest business ends 1,428-year run

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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Song from Vimy Memorial 2007 Rededication

Many posts have been made about the song that was performed at the Vimy 2007 Memorial Rededication this past Easter Monday. Although the fiddle piece was the work of Sierra Noble, the song itself (performed by the Confederation Youth Chorus and Susan Aglukark) was "I'm Dreaming of Home" (as noted here) , one of the hymns from the movie Joyeux Noel, about the Christmas eve in World War I, when the troops from both sides had their own truce.

As luck would have it, I have found a clip of it here.


YouTube - Hymne des Fraternises- Joyeux Noel

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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The inconvenient truth about Al Gore

Wow - I wonder if everyone's energy consumption is available online.

Tennessee Center for Policy Research

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Friday, February 23, 2007

Another reason not to ever buy fur

Fur coats from dogs?

This is just wrong! What's worse is that even the companies didn't know. They buy goods (from China) and think they're getting fake.

Sometimes you really wonder when China is going to start acting like a real country instead of one that flips its finger at the rest of the world.

Is your fur fake, or is it Fido?

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